Proposals for formation

The path of human and Christian formation that the International Centres offer is open to:

► young people (17-30 y.) who are open to different cultures and languages

       together to discover that it is possible to live new relationships in acceptance and communion with other people,
       through dialogue, through of the  search and sharing of faith, through giving and receiving,...


     * Monthly appointments                            

     * Prayer for the World

     * Personal dialogues

       WEEKEND gatherings            

       * Advent

       * Lent / Easter

       * Summer Camps


     * Language courses

     * Solidarity projects

     * Workshops

► young people, children and adults, who would like to contribute to a more welcoming world for all

            Yearly International Meetings

          * Spring Meeting in Solothurn (CH)

          * Autumn meeting in Stuttgart (D)


► groups from parishes, associations, schools, and universities

          * Life testimonies, spiritual impulses

          * Awareness and in-depth study on migration  
             Days, weekends, a practical training

          * Workshop with the SCALABRINI-BAND's music

          * AND … open to a mutual exchange and other activities