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Scalabrini-Band online

Listen to the Scalabrini-Band online: Spotify, Youtube Music, ... and on other social media platforms!

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Stuttgart (D)

Scalabrini-Meeting, CdS Stuttgart

Different peoples on the same path. Towards what future?

From 4 to 6 October, the Center of Spirituality of the Scalabrini Missionaries in Stuttgart, hosted the annual Scalabrini-Fest of Fruits, 2019, with the collaboration of the Scalabrinian Secular Missionaries.

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Life testimonies

59th anniversary of the Scalabrinian Secular Missionary Women

In that moment of prayer I spoke my yes to him, handing him over my life completely.
This secret vow became my reference point and my hope: no matter what would happen, and anything could happen, I was in the hands of God and this for ever. I entrusted myself to Him and this was my strength and my joy.
Adelia Firetti

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Scalabrini-Meeting, IBZ Solothurn

Only live fish swim - even against the current

The Scalabrini International Spring Meeting. 2019, aimed at young people, adults and families with their children, took place from May, 3rd to 5th at the International Centre "IBZ Scalabrini" (Internationales Bildungszentrum) in Solothurn in Switzerland.

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Quella luna rossa

Quella luna rossa è il titolo di uno dei CD della Scalabrini-Band. Il titolo è tratto dal racconto di alcuni giovani migranti che, rimasti per lunghe ore della notte in balia delle onde nelle acque del Mediterraneo, hanno visto brillare sopra di loro una grande luna rossa che ha indicato loro la riva. I canti di questo CD esprimono un grido di denuncia verso una società individualista e indifferente nei confronti delle tragedie di oggi e, insieme, un forte messaggio di speranza fondato sulla certezza che c’è Chi ha preso su di sé il male e l’ha trasformato in Giorno nuovo per tutti, come dice uno dei brani.

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Young people

Solidarity with refugees based on equality

We can hardly imagine what a person who had to leave her homeland carries within herself. The direct encounter with people, their faces and stories call us to get involved with the others. It provokes us also to question ourselves, to grow in the responsibility, to work for a new coexistence. Not we and you but we all. Not for them, not for him/ for her but with one another – for one another.

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